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Last week over at Brand Autopsy, they spilled the beans about the Dark Room Magic at NPR; the tricks they use to make everyone sound so smooth and articulate.
I’m keen on this, because starting this week my co-author and I are pimping our book Nation of Rebels to the folks south of the 49th parallel. We’re doing a lot of NPR interviews, and it gratifies me to know that NPR makes media sausage by cleaning up and tightening sound-bites through editing out all the uh’s and um’s from correspondents and interviewees.
Does anyone know if the CBC has a similar sausage factory going on? I have a vague sense that they make the newsreaders go to pronunciation school so that they say “SHEDyool” and “HArass” and pronounce “wednesday” and “nuclear” properly. But is there more to it than that?

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