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Sending our love down the Wells

This Magazine Staff

I was going to do my usual shtick and complain about the Tsunami benefit concerts and so on, since I’m getting a bit concerned that we’re approaching the Dianification of the disaster.
But Paul Wells has a nice piece here, with the lovely conclusion:
As a rule of thumb, you can’t change the world with a song. That doesn’t mean it hurts to try.
UPDATE: Am I the only person who watched the whole thing last night? It was pretty weird. The best part was Fresh I.E. looking like Coolio (or whoever the dude who did Gangster’s Paradise was). The worst part was seeing the awful plastic surgery on Canadian celebs of yesteryear. Dave Thomas has had so many brow lifts he’s turning Japanese — he’s got the same look that Ahnuld does now.
And Anne Murray. Oh Anne — she looked, and moved, like she’d had a whole-body botoxing.

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