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… and perhaps explosions for the Iraqi election coverage?

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Is there an award for most bizarre tsunami coverage theme music? The Tsumi?

I nominate Andy Barrie and the increasingly weird folks at Metro Morning in Toronto. This morning, I cleared the snow from my faithful Corolla and climbed in to the sound of gentle surf on a beach somewhere. Andy Barrie was doing his wrap up about the relief efforts.

Yes, a series of giant waves killed impossible numbers of humans, and the TO CBC crowd thinks a massage-therapist tape of “ocean sounds” is the best way for us all to get over it.

I think, if I try, I can work out a rationale for this—let’s insist to our listeners that the ocean is not always a raging killer, but in fact the source of all life on the planet. Still, how this idea made it out the door of the story meeting is beyond me. When you listen to Andy, you don’t hear rationales, you hear a bizarrely insensitive juxtaposition that borders on the cruel.

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