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This memo, supposedly sent to all CanWest employees in the Toronto area, is just too funny. Can any CanWest employees verify that this is for real?
To: All CanWest MediaWorks Toronto and Hamilton Staff
Re: Global & CH Car Advertising Wrap Program
For the past several years Global has run a program, which pays its
employees to wrap their personal vehicles in advertising in exchange
for monetary compensation. The program is open to all CanWest
MediaWorks employees in the GTA. We are asking any employee with an
interest in having their car wrapped to submit an application for the
new calendar year – this includes any employee who has previously had
their vehicle wrapped or submitted an application in previous years.
The Program
We are interested in blanketing the GTA region in Global and CH
advertising. In order to do this, we track where you live and where
you work and create a grid of advertising based on your driving habits. The GTA has been divided into regions. From each region we select a number of vehicles based on several criteria:
Total mileage to and from work
Type of vehicle driven
Work schedule
Work location
The program relies on potential television viewers seeing the
advertising. The more kilometres a vehicle drives, the more exposure
it provides. Further, the larger the vehicle, the more advertising
space available. For this reason, people driving a van, SUV, or
specialty vehicle such as a PT Cruiser or Beetle will be selected above those driving a sedan or coupe if the mileage is similar.
The wrap used is a 3M product, which is safe to the paint and windows
of the vehicle. The rear windows are covered, but the driver has the
ability to see through the wrap.
Participants in this program are compensated for providing space on
their vehicle. Payments are provided on a semi-monthly basis and are
based on a sliding scale, determined by the type of vehicle and number
of kilometres driven annually. Vehicle compensation is as follows:
Sedans, coupes, pick-up trucks – $200 per month
Wagons, extended cab pick-up trucks – $250 per month
Vans, SUV’s, and specialty vehicles (i.e. PT Cruiser, Beetle) – $300
per month.
In order to participate, the vehicle must be driven at least 25,000
kilometres per year. A vehicle driven 35,000 to 50,000 kilometres per
year will receive an additional $50 per month compensation. A vehicle
driven more than 50,000 kilometres annually will receive $100 each
month. There is no mileage bonus for vehicles travelling less than
35,000 kilometres.
The levels are determined prior to each driver being contracted.
Payments are made through Payroll and income tax and applicable
deductions are deducted at source.
Participants must meet certain criteria to be considered and must
maintain this and other criteria in order to continue in the program.
The employee must be a full time, full time part time, or long-term
contract employee of a CanWest company.
The contracted vehicle must be driven a minimum of 25,000 kilometres
per year.
The driver must provide proof of ownership, insurance, and a valid
drivers licence.
Odometer readings must be provided on a monthly basis.
The vehicle must be cleaned on a consistent basis either through a
soft cloth car wash or through manual washings – high-pressure washers
damage the wrap.
If there are multiple potential vehicles from any one region, the
selection will be made by an independent draw conducted by David
McCauley, Director of Human Resources and the results of this
independent draw will be final.
A contract must be signed. Global has the right to withdraw from the
contract at any time. Drivers, however, must commit to at least one
year. If the driver resigns, is terminated, or leaves the employ of
Global for any reason, the wrap will be removed and the contract
cancelled. Senior managers are permitted to participate in this
program, but will not be compensated.
As a driver of a wrapped vehicle, employees are required to maintain a
level of decorum while driving. Aggressive driving habits or bad
driving will not be tolerated. Public complaints will result in the
termination of the contract.
If you are interested in participating in the possible rollout of this
program, please complete the attached form and send it to Sharon
Campbell at Global Television’s 81 Barber Greene Road office through
inter-office by January 17th, 2005.
Scott MacLeod
Director, Media Planning & Television

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