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In Which Our Hero Discovers His Elbow…

This Magazine Staff

This is pretty rich:
Prime Minister Paul Martin slammed Stephen Harper over the gay marriage issue Thursday, accusing his rival of political cowardice.
I’m feeling Xmasy. I will ship a free copy of the Rebel Sell (Americans get Nation of Rebels) to the first person to list ten acts of cowardice by The Headwaiter since 1993. In fact, I’ll even get things started by giving you the first one:
1. When he became Prime Minister, The Headwaiter got scared that the Supreme Court was going to come back with their reference on gay marriage before he had a chance to call an election. Too chicken to deal with the issue during an election campaign, he promptly tacked another question on to the reference, ensuring that the Court would be occupied for another few months. That’s the question the Supremes decided not to answer, in the closest thing to a “screw you, Paul” you’re going to get from our highest court.

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