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computer help wanted

This Magazine Staff

Greetings all. I’ve spent the better part of the last two days with my new computer from Big Computer Company, trying to strip all the nagware and change all the settings from something other than “infantilising.”
But, it isn’t like I’m a computer genius or anything, so I need some help. Is there any relatively easy way of transferring all the stuff I want from my old computer to my new computer, without having to shuttle it all onto and off of my USB key. That is, is there any way to do something like the following:
1. Hook up the two computers with a cable
2. Press button that says “copy hard drive on computer A to computer B”
I’d settle for getting all my folders and files over, plus stuff like Outlook contacts lists and such. If you can help, please send me a private email to [email protected]. Please don’t send me emails telling me to get a life and stick Linux on — that’s my xmas project.
Feel free to discuss the great annoyance of buying a new computer here.
UPDATE, seconds later: My xmas project is to put linux on my computer, not to get a life.

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