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Anti-American or anti-impunity?

This Magazine Staff

Seems Naomi Klein has caused something of a ruckus in the UK with her column in The Guardian on Nov. 26 calling the US government to task for creating a hero out of a soldier photographed for the Los Angeles Times.

The column prompted a letter from the American ambassador to the UK demanding a retraction of the claim that US forces in Iraq have eliminated voices that make public the horrendous amount of civilian deaths in Falluja, or evidence to back it up. Klein responded with another column yesterday providing detailed evidence of her claim.

No doubt this will be trotted out by right-wing types as more evidence of America-hating by the left—unless, of course, they ignore the dust-up altogether to avoid drawing attention to the real issues Klein is raising. I suspect they’re too busy trying to get Kofi Annan fired.

Interestingly, more evidence of American war crimes may be provided tomorrow in a refugee claim hearing from the lawyer of a former US army paratrooper who wants to stay in Canada.

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