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Surviving Subversion of Family Values

This Magazine Staff

American broadcast network CBS has been getting a bit of heat from the now famous liberally biased media for seemingly covering up the fact that at least two of the female competitors on its hit show, Survivor Vanuatu, are openly lesbian. The reality show (oh admit it, you watch reality tv) is famous for manipulative edits designed to hide key pieces of information in order to heighten the drama of unfolding events. Some
critics have recently been suggesting
that CBS was editing out the lifestyle choices of Scout and Ami – both of whom mentioned female partners in their official bios on the Survivor website – perhaps to fly under the radar with the increasingly testy FCC, ever on the look-out for violations of family values.

Now it looks more like CBS was merely holding back the info until it would have the greatest impact on Survivor’s middle America core audience, many of whom just recently voted to disallow gay marriage. In last night’s prime time episode, during the typically schlocky “family visit” sequence of the game, three different female competitors were shown in passionate, loving embrace with their “life partner,” “girlfriend” and “friend.” And on Thanksgiving. CBS! You scamps!

That sound you heard last night around 8:40 p.m. was a collective red-state gasp, followed by frantic remote control clicking. Thank goodness there are no lesbians in Nascar.

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