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From Iceland with love

This Magazine Staff

Sharp-eyed National Post readers will have spotted the following apology on page 2 of today’s edition:
“In the first item in a column by Gillian Cosgrove in this paper on Monday, November 22, 2004, a number of fundamental errors and intentional misrepresentations appeared. The editors regret this and apologize to all concerned.”
As the CBC reports, the “errors and misrepresentations” were that Cosgrove suggested that our Governor General is having an affair with the Icelandic ambassador.
As well she might. Check out this Viking stud — no way JRS can compete with him.
My friend at CanWest tells me that the story has made the front page of the Icelandic tabloid press.
Here’s the translation of the headline:
Canadian governor
said to be in love affair
with icelandic ambassador
“We are just close friends,” says Gudmundur ambassador.

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