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Carolyn Parrish. Hero of the Common Folk?

This Magazine Staff

I’d be interested to gauge reaction from the left regarding Liberal backbencher Carolyn Parrish, and her inability to stop insulting the American President despite veiled and not so veiled threats from her party, and the seeming disapproval of even opposition leaders and the entire national media. Jack Layton has taken the obligatory party leader stance, which proposes grudging respect for the office of the President and international protocols. No surprises there. It’s his job.

But how can you not sympathize a bit with someone who says this of her own leader?:

“…if he wants to know why he can’t control me, I have absolutely no loyalty to this team. None. After what they’ve put me through and lots of my colleagues, they can all go to hell. But he’s not going to control me, so all he’s going to do is end up looking weak.”

I’m one who tends to roll my eyes and yawn at all the faux-concern and cries of “how embarrassing” from the press (stop covering her every move if you’re so dismayed – she’s a backbencher), but I also have a limited tolerance for personal grandstanding after being given a job by the voters – Sheila Copps, where are you now? is calling for a “return to the streets” when Bush visits Canada later this month, and speculates about a scheduling conspiracy to make it difficult for protesters to mobilize. Tell me when and where and I’ll be there. I need the exercise. Will Carolyn Parrish be running buses for us from Toronto to Ottawa?

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