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A Study in Two Reactions

This Magazine Staff

In the fall of 2004, Americans are torn, as evidenced by a high voter turnout with the electorate split cleanly down the middle. Interestingly, it seems American progressives are similarly split. On one hand, you have Michael Moore, completely wrong on all his projections and hunches and hopes and optimism (by the way, where were all those people who lined up to see Farenheit 9/11 yesterday?). The man was fighting against Bush up until the last minute, sending an email to supporters two hours before the polls closed in the western states. Visit his website today and there’s a photo collage of Bush’s face with only two lines of copy: “We’re not going away. Join our mailing list.” Gotta admire the guys energy. Sadly, I wonder how long before he is arrested for some dubious charge and thrown in prison for, say, four years.
On the other hand, visit Radio Free USA, and independent news site with lots on its mind and a heavy heart today. In a farewell editorial, the founder and editor of the site concedes defeat in a much more grave way than John Kerry, going so far as to post a link to the embassies site so progressive Americans can hasten their departure as immigrants. It’s a sad letter to read, but probably not very unique in its spirits. I genuinely believe we’ll see a boom in Americans moving to Canada, not just because of (which has seen a surge in activity), but because there hardly seems a reason to believe in the United States anymore (I presume). When a nation of millions screams a resounding “No” to giving a basic human right such as marriage to an identifiable segment of the population, it’s hard not to feel like hate has won.
I’m currently taking bets on how long until Dan Savage and his family settle in Vancouver as landed immigrants…

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