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This Magazine: Generally Excellent!

This Magazine Staff

Readers of Utne magazine will be familiar with their Independent Press Awards, which they’ve been running now for 16 years. They’re perfectly suited to administer such an award, since their digest-style has been highlighting the best of the independent press for 20 years.
This Magazine has been nominated for TWO awards this year, in the categories of General Excellence and Cultural/Social coverage. The complete list of nominees can be viewed here:
I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate our staff and contributors, who make us generally excellent. I’m always really warmed by the esteem in which our colleagues in the US progressive media hold us, and being singled out for the top prize, even as a nominee, is a genuine honour. (The ONLY other Canadian title in this category is Ascent, the fine spirituality magazine out of Montreal).
Congratulations This Magazine. The winners will be announced in the January issue of Utne.

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