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Does Frank Know?

This Magazine Staff

CanWest News Service
OTTAWA – Former prime minister Brian Mulroney and wife, Mila, are grandparents. Daughter Caroline, 30, gave birth early Tuesday morning to a baby boy.

“Mr. Mulroney is an ecstatic grandfather,” said Conservative Senator Marjorie LeBreton. Weighting seven lbs., four ounces, Henry Lewis Lapham III was born at New York City’s Presbyterian Hospital. Caroline married Andrew Lapham four years ago in a lavish ceremony in Montreal with former U.S. president George Bush and his wife, Barbara, among the high-profile well-wishers. Others in attendance included Queen Noor of Jordan, actor Alan Thicke, composer David Foster, and a who’s who of Canada’s business elite, including Jacques Desmarais and supermarket magnate Galen Weston and his wife Hilary Weston, the former lieutenant-governor of Ontario. Caroline made headlines herself beginning in 1991 when Fleet street photographers made much of her dark beauty when she accompanied her parents to the G-7 economic summit in London. She was in the news again a year later when her father lost his temper over a Frank magazine article that featured her in a lewd mock competition. Caroline is a New York University law graduate and also graduated cum laude from Harvard University. She met her future husband on Wall Street when she was working for an investment bank. Lapham is the son of Lewis Lapham who is editor-in-chief of the prestigious Harper’s magazine.
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