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Biting the hand that fed

This Magazine Staff

I can’t wait for the new Saturday Night. Saw a television (television!) ad for the upcoming issue, featuring a cover story on a topic near and dear to the This Magazine bloggers, Lord and Lady Black.
An interesting opening parry from new editor, Gary Ross. It’s an excerpt from Shades of Black: Conrad Black – His Rise and Fall by Richard Siklos (McClelland & Stewart), out in November. Black ran Saturday Night from its centennial year in 1987 through 2001, and the (late tenure) Robert Fulford(1968-1987) and (early) John Fraser (1987-1994) days are oft referred to as the best in modern memory for that magazine–a legacy that Ross is sure to challenge.
The cover features those wonderful pictures from that Vanity Fair shoot, you know the ones with Lady Barbara barefoot? Sadly, the cover ain’t online yet, but keep an eye out. It features Babs strolling wanly through the grass at the mansion, which surely explains her filthy feet in the picture the Globe and Mail ran on their cover.

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