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Steyn on Bigley

This Magazine Staff

Warren Kinsella calls this column by Mark Steyn one of the the most “cruel and callous” columns he’s ever read.
I’m not so sure.
Look, I despise Steyn. I think he’s intellectually dishonest, a poseur, and the master of what Mark Kingwell calls “the reverse sarcasm”. In this piece, he goes after Kenneth Bigley, the Brit who was, sadly, decapitated in Iraq last week. While I don’t much care for Steyn’s tone (if you want to see a man turn hysterical when cornered, read his columns in 2000 between the November election and the final decision by the Supreme Court. Not much jocular high irony from Steyn then), I have to confess to being not entirely unsympathetic with his general point.
Read it, then let’s discuss.

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