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“I shall serve drinks on the beaches, I shall serve drinks in the air, I shall never, ever stop serving drinks!”

This Magazine Staff

Update: I picked up a copy of the Wednesday Ottawa Citizen today. The front story was reaction to Stephen Harper’s “trial Walloon” (Wells’ joke, I think) proposing to turn Canada into Belgium. Here’s The Headwaiter, doing his finest Churchill impression:
“I think the role of the prime minister of Canada is not to build a better Belgium, it’s to build a stronger Canada.”
Southam reporter Anne Dawson was too polite to write about it, but a mole on the Hill tells me that The Headwaiter proceeded to stand on the steps in front of the Commons, yelling “”I shall serve drinks in Salmon Arm, I shall serve drinks in Sherbrooke, I shall serve drinks in Corner Brook!”

Here’s an indication of just what a set of utter fools we have passing for government in this country.
Listen to the Headwaiter, bragging about his ability to serve drinks without spilling any:
“I think that the health deal was a great triumph for Canadian federalism and it shows the provinces and the federal government can work together.”
That’s like a butcher arguing that the presence of veal chops in his meat counter is a triumph of interspecies cooperation, showing how humans and calves can work together.
And here’s some anonymous kitchen help, wondering what all the concern is about:
“Even one of the prime minister’s closest advisers, who spoke to CBC News on condition of anonymity, said the government did not foresee the fallout from making a special deal with Quebec.”
Right. Ottawa is just a big restaurant where every special interest group in the country comes to belly up to the trough. What could be so wrong about making special orders?

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