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The life of a columnist part I

This Magazine Staff

Conrad Black famously described journalists as “ignorant, lazy, opinionated, intellectually dishonest and inadequately supervised hacks”. I think he was at least 1/5 correct.
For example, I see that that the slumbering beast that is the National Press Corps is gradually awakening to the unhappy realities of The Headwaiter’s regime. Back in the summer, when Paul Martin called the tinpots together and appointed himself wine steward, the entire press corps insisted on treating the ensuing health accord as exactly that — a health accord. Only a few journalists in the country noticed it for what it was — Meech Lake by stealth. Fewer — Andrew Coyne, Norman Spector, Jim Travers — demonstrated any real concern.
But slooowwwwllly the rest of the Corps is clueing in to the dangerous realities of Martin’s “asymmetrical” federalism. Here’s Jim Travers in the Star today.
Wakey wakey, Jeffrey Simpson!

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