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Greatest bore

This Magazine Staff

So, the Greatest Canadian debut was a crashing bore. Yeeeesh. Neil Bissondath was informed and passionate, and it was nice to see my old McGill chum James Stewart getting in some licks for Laurier. But good god, Murray McLauchlin? So much for the Corpse trying to cool up its image.
Anyway, let’s get the discussion started right here. No women, which is a bit of a surprise. All told, a pretty uninteresting list. The predictable favourites are there: Pearson, MacDonald, Douglas, Banting, Fox, Trudeau, Gretzky, and a few who won’t get anywhere, like Stephen Lewis and Romeo Dallaire. My own view is that it should go to someone dead. Call no man happy until he is dead, said Solon, until then he is only lucky. Ditto for great.
I want MacDonald, but it will come down to a fight between Pearson and Terry Fox, with Fox by a healthy margin. Let’s see if Sook-Yin can do him justice.

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