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All rise. The new king of the world just crowned himself tonight by the blinding light of cathode lies. Surprise, we’ve been muted, we’ve been marginalized. Unleashed, delusions of one human head, one tiny beast becomes the very air we breathe.
That’s the opening verse to Marginalized, the third song off the Rheostatics new album, 2067. It’s an urgent song, anxious and angry, and is a major highlight on a great new album. The penultimate song, Try to Praise This Mutilated World, is absolutely gorgeous, and it features transplanted Newfoundland poet Ken Babstock reading the poen “the expected” as the music swirls in the foreground.
So here’s the deal. The album hits stores October 19. I’ll give everyone a couple of days to get a copy, and then we’ll go through it song by song.

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