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Queen of our hearts?

This Magazine Staff

There’s an article in this week’s Economist about how great Adrienne Clarkson is and how much Canadians love her. The article is called “Madame Canada: A much-loved governor-general keeps things steady.”
Did I miss something? I don’t know anyone who particularly loves Madame Clarkson, but I do know many who fiercely dislike her and think she’s nothing but a waste of money. Here’s an excerpt from the article:
Halfway through her five-year term she was earning extravagant praise from journalists for, in the words of one magazine, bringing ‘new purpose and pizzazz to the office.'”
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dispute that she has indeed brought some pizzazz to the GG’s office, and I certainly enjoy seeing her snappy little outfits. But, I think calling her “much-loved” is a bit of a stretch. To be fair, the Economist article points out (briefly, in the last graph) that she faced criticism for her rather large budget last year, but overall the article is almost fawning.
Am I wrong? Is the Economist right? Is Madame Clarkson a beloved Canadian figure? Does anyone out there have any stories to share about how the governor-general has touched your life?

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