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Death of the Author?

This Magazine Staff

Update: Here’s the obit in Le Monde
Ok, this just calls out for grad-school witticisms. Come on, bring on the clever remarks, the ultra-in jokes, the high irony archness of it all. Andy Lamey, are you out there? Please help.

Philosopher Derrida Dies in Paris at 74
Filed at 12:25 p.m. ET
PARIS (AP) — World renowned thinker Jacques Derrida, a founder of the school of philosophy known as deconstructionism, has died, the office of French President Jacques Chirac said Saturday. Derrida was 74.
Derrida died at a Paris hospital of pancreatic cancer, the television station LCI reported.
The snowy-haired French intellectual taught, and thought, at universities on both sides of the Atlantic, and his works were translated around the world.
Provocative and as difficult to define as his favorite subject — deconstruction — Derrida has been a leading thinker for decades with a major impact on intellectuals.

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