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Boring Canadian Politics

This Magazine Staff

I know this is a distraction from the fascinating US election campaign, but back here in meaningless ol’ Canada, the government is poised on the edge of a knife.
The Bloc has tried to amend the throne speech with a call for Ottawa to address the “fiscal imbalance”, this mythical idea that holds that the feds have too much money, while the provinces too little.
There is no way any federal government could accept this — though I wouldn’t put it past Mr. Headwaiter to cave and accept it. At any rate, Martin seems to be holding firm, and has declared the vote a motion of confidence. Stephen Harper has criticised Martin for making this a matter of confidence, which shows — yet again — what a complete bozo Harper is. He continues to hold fast to this fiction that a government, unable to govern, could still pretend to have the confidence of the house.
This is a matter of confidence. The Liberals should stick to their guns. If the motion passes, we’ll be at the polls, and rightly so. It will be the Conservative’s fault for making common cause with separatists.
The vote is tonight.

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