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I’ve been away. Taking a blog break, actually. And this weekend I’ll be in New York City for the first time. Can anyone recommend a must-see attraction that doesn’t reek of foreign passports? I’ll be trying my darndest to get tickets to the Ramones tribute show put on by Blondie and The Strokes.

Anyway, this is what I wanted to blog: a friend sent me a nifty link to a pretty site which aims to gauge world opinion on the US presidential election. Of course it’s only going to reflect the opinion of those of us with a high enough standard of living to be computer literate, but for goodness sake, just play along.

The best thing about this, at first glance, is that the stakes are so low. No need for strategic voting here, so go ahead: if Bush is your man, vote for Bush. If Kerry floats your Swift Boat, vote for Kerry. If Nader gives you a grin, vote for… Other. And discuss.

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