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What rhymes with “speech from the throne”?

This Magazine Staff

UPDATE: Simon has dug up the link to the video. Apparently the CBC wants this excretion to live forever on the net. If you haven’t seen it, I insist you drop whatever important work you are doing and watch this. Epic crapitude.
Did anyone else see that UNREAL rap video the CBC played at the end of the National last night? Celebrating the new Parliament? It was like a Monty Python cartoon with a soundtrack by Doug E. Fresh. I’m still searching for shards of my jaw that are presumably hiding under the couch. Come out, little jawbone, I promise not to put the National on for a while.
I’m serious: Are there any lurkers out there who work at the CBC who can let me know who exactly is reponsible for this? Reply offline to [email protected] — anonymity guaranteed.

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