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Politicians who rock?

This Magazine Staff

Chart Magazine recently ran this review of the rerelease of the album by John Kerry’s high school band. Having neither heard nor heard of this apparent abomination, I can offer no further comment…
Who’s gonna care what rock critics say about the man trying to knock George Bush off his throne? John Kerry’s high school band, The Electras, is exactly what you’d expect from a group of rich kids who went on to become politicians, lawyers and business men. The fact that they could only come up with one original and called it “Electra” pretty well says it all. Filling out this forced collectable is a bunch of lifeless covers including the most unconvincing version of “Summertime Blues” ever recorded. They can’t even fake being disenfranchised, they’re so freakin’ rich. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t even have any of that tasty William Shatner, “I’m in over my head,” kitsch value. Dan “The Mouth” Lovranski

Thanks to Evan for this one.

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