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With Apologies to Tom Wolfe

This Magazine Staff

I got an email from my sister this morning:
Everyone should vote for JP’s mom Friday after 10am. Her name is Judy.

Apparently JP’s mom is a contestant on a Milwaukee reality TV program. What’s interesting about this story is that it’s a “bit” for the local Fox news channel that’s going to run during their morning show. Each of the participants is usually a road hog, and has agreed to give up driving privileges for 10 days to ride the “Real Bus”. Participants will document their experiences taking transit, and viewers will vote for their favourites.
Are we so screwed up that every piece of information we consume must be presented in the “reality style”?
All right, it’s weird. But Judy can win a bunch of groceries and other cool prizes. So go and vote for her.
I am dying to know if when they eliminate a contestant, they scream, “You’re off the bus!”

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