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New Wave, not Punk. Totally different head. Totally.

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Warren Kinsella is writing a book about punk?
A bunch of us are seeing Franz Ferdinand this Friday – and, yes, Tony Clement will be among us. A former Conservative cabinet minister who I happen to like, guys like Tony are a puzzle to me – as are all punk-loving conservatives. Punk, y’see, is essentially Leftist in its orientation (anti-globalization, anti-corporate, pro-feminist, pro-gay), and it is decidedly anti-authority, too. Usually, the Right constitutes the authorities. So, ipso facto, how did Johnny Ramone, a life-long Republican, keep himself from going batty? I’m not being coy, either: I’m writing a book about punk, and I actually don’t know the answer! Send your theories to [email protected]!
Apparently, writing about counter-culture is the new black.

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