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Update: As we passed Kingston just after 7pm, the conductor announced that we would be arriving in Toronto at 8:59pm, i.e. right on schedule. We pulled in at 9:26. Perfunctory apology. It is worth remarking that we somehow lost almost 30 minutes of time in the last two hours of the trip. That’s a rather astonishing margin of error.
OK, in about 90 minutes I’m getting on a VIA train from Montreal to Toronto. Expected travel time is 4 hrs and 6 mins.
Pardon me. That is VIA’s stated travel time. My personal expected travel time is rather longer than that.
Anyone want to place bets on when I actually pull into Union Station tonight? Free pitcher at Sneaky Dee’s for whoever guesses closest.
Bonus question: Assuming we are the usual 30-60 minutes late, does anyone think that there will be any sort of announcement on the train either a) explaining the delay, or b) apologising?

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