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US Election Update — The Empire Strikes Back

This Magazine Staff

Checking the electoral vote count website today, I note two things of interest. First, Kerry has edged ahead of Bush again in projections for who will reach the magic number and be all Martin Sheeny come November, due to a newly strong showing in hurricane-ravaged Florida. The first debate looms, also in Florida, September 30th at the University of Miami.

Reading through the EV site news, I came across this sad little posting from the International Herald Tribune regarding a sudden decision by the Pentagon to restrict overseas access to certain government sites. They claim they are doing this to stop hacking. Which sites you ask? Among others, a little one called the Federal Voting Assistance Program, the official website assigned to assist overseas Americans with their voter registration for the upcoming election. Who uses a site like that? Among others, soldiers fighting in Iraq.

What possible reason would the Pentagon have for restricting the votes of their soldiers in Iraq?

Coming up in this blog space: “Who Can Take Christopher Hitchens Seriously Anymore?” Watch for it.

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