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Media can be idiotic

This Magazine Staff

Last week I was ranting around the office about Teen Vogue’s cover story on “The shocking new way girls are keeping slim” or some equally stupid coverline. The story was about starlets using cocaine to keep their waistlines slim. It ticked me off because there’s widely held editorial wisdom with eating disorders that you don’t contribute to the problem by printing detailed instructions in magazines. Now I know I can ditch the ex-lax and have some fun while slimming down. Argh.
Anyway, my point is that this week, Kryptonite locks have issued a consumer alert that many (most?) of their U-Locks have been shown to be easily unlocked by a 39 cent pen. Yikes. But not only did CTV news’ consumer reports warn me on last night’s news, they then proceeded to show video obtained off the internet of someone disabling the lock with a pen over and over again. And to add insult to injury, they said that if we can’t get it the first time, be persistent. It takes some practice, but once you learn how it’s a snap. What??! So now me and every other jackass in Toronto knows EXACTLY how to steal a bike using a pen, because I’ve had it demonstrated to me. I don’t have to go and hunt down the video on the internet to find out, which I probably would have forgotten to do after I took all that ex-lax.

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