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This afternoon I stumbled into the Quebec book chain Renaud-Bray, juggling my fancy coffee and overstuffed knapsack, trying to make my way to the magazine rack to pick up a copy of the Economist. As I cut by the cash, I was brought by the lee by a gorgeous, lemon-yellow little book, glowing shyly amid stacks of anti-Bush treatises.
“The Rebel Sell”, it said.
Then, more quietly: “why the culture can’t be jammed”
I don’t want to sound like one of those people who have a baby and then go on like they’re the first humans ever to conceive. Hell, some people around here have twins and books; I have half a book.
But I have to say that my mouth fell open as my heart went boomboomboom, there was a quick roaring in my ears, and then cutting through the white noise was k.d. lang on the PA singing helplesshelplesshelpless. I stood around for a few minutes, slowly doing laps around the display counter, looking like a book thief and feeling like a dork. Pride is a strange emotion, so I finally skulked out the door. It’s the first time I’ve seen something I wrote on sale.
Ok. this is the one and only time I’ll get all look-at-me on this blog, but there’s a point to it. On Sept. 29th, This Magazine is hosting a fundraising dinner at the Town Grill in Toronto. There are still a number of tickets left, and we’d really like to sell the place out. Joe Heath and I (authors of The Rebel Sell) are the attraction, but please consider coming even if you hate us and think the book stinks. It’s for a good cause — assuming you think This Magazine is a good cause — and it is going to be loads of fun.
For tickets, call Joyce at This Mag, Tel: 416-979-9429 or toll-free 1-877-999-8447.

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