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And lawsuits for all…. part 2

This Magazine Staff

Edited because who knows how deep the libel chill goes?
So Lord Tubby of Fleece is suing St. Joseph Media, owners of Toronto Life, because of an article that appeared in that magazine in July, called “A toast to Lord Black on his arrival in hell.” He wants $2.1 million.
Haven’t seen the piece, but I laughed at the title. Black claims that the article has brought him into “hatred, ridicule, and contempt.”
Right. In a way, that, say, wrecking Massey Ferguson and the Dominion store chain, writing a huge biography celebrating Duplessis, repeatedly advocating that Canada sucks and should join the US, talking and dressing like a buffoon, running your company in an [DELETED] and possibly [DELETED] manner, and being told by a Delaware judge that your testimony “doesn’t have the ring of truth”, doesn’t bring you into hatred, ridicule, and contempt.

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