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Google unknowingly creates all-knowing, all-seeing, oracle

This Magazine Staff

I had to laugh when I got this response from my good friend Christy while warning her about the perils of Google’s new Gmail service. Gmail is a free, web-based, e-mail service (similar to Hotmail) that is in beta testing now; it uses Google’s search and advertising technology to read through a user’s messages and then deliver highly-targeted advertising right to their inbox! What could be better you ask? How about a web-based e-mail service that reads your mind…

Christy wrote:
I thought I could live with the adwords feature of googlemail since I may be under surveillance anyway – but that was before I realized it would be some sort of depressing oracle. I’ve only sent and received a few messages so far, and they’ve pretty much all been about the RNC. Then this morning I logged in to googlemail and found three ads at the side of a new message, as follows:
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I Used to Miss Him
But My Aim is Improving: Not Your Ordinary Breakup Survival Guide
Lonely – Find a Friend
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Say it ain’t so, google. So sad.

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