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Secoppdom? Freecuritunity?

This Magazine Staff

Now that we’ve had the official word on “security,” “opportunity,” and “freedom” – key words all in George W. Bush’s acceptance speech last night at the RNC, here’s a rhetorical alka seltzer:

Operation Truth – tales of the Iraq war in the words of those who are actually fighting it.

I have a natural aversion to any website with the word Truth in the title, so make up your own mind about the dependability of this information, but I heard the website’s owner interviewed on Air America yesterday, a relatively reliable journalistic source, so at least I’m confident an actual American soldier is behind this. Interesting comment from him during the interview. The host asked him if he was taking in the Republican National Convention while in New York.

“The people in there don’t much like seeing me here,” he said.

We love our troops!

Oh, and ha, ha, ha, ha, ha – did anyone catch that video tribute to George Bush last night? The man’s courage and resolution following 9/11 boiled down to, and I’m not lying, the fact that he threw a baseball from the pitcher’s mound during the 2001 World Series. Four years as President during one of the most dramatic upheavals in American society, opposed by a bona fide war hero in the election, and all they’ve got is a pretty good pitching arm (it was a really nice throw).

Will the American people actually buy that crap? Ask Rick Salutin.

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