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Naomi Klein on Iraq’s reconstruction

This Magazine Staff

In trying to design the best place in the world to do business, the neocons have managed to create the worst, the most eloquent indictment yet of the guiding logic behind deregulated free markets…
the shock therapy reforms that were supposed to create an economic boom that would rebuild the country have instead fueled a resistance that ultimately made reconstruction impossible…
[the neocons] and their masters in Washington are no more likely to reexamine their core beliefs than the Taliban mullahs were inclined to search their souls when their Islamic state slid into a debauched Hades of opium and sex slavery. When facts threaten true believers, they simply close their eyes and pray harder…

That’s three passages from Klein’s piece in the current Harper’s. It’s an excellent article, nicely written, and devastating in its indictment of the Bush government’s decision to use the rebuilding of Iraq as an economics experiment. The first issue of Harper’s in a long that that is worth the eight bucks.

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