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Cure for Short-Sightedness not Covered by Pharmacare

This Magazine Staff

Two interesting discussions of the upcoming First Minister’s meeting on health care – one from Paul Wells and one in the Globe , both break down the political dimension of this whole discussion, if you read them right. And I quote (sort of):
“[Popular health care guru] Mr. Romanow said yesterday that [struggling Ontario Premier] Mr. McGuinty seems to be understanding the [political] complexities and [political] cost of the pharmacare proposal, and sensibly searching for a more moderate position.
Sticking to the provincial drug-plan demand at the expense of a deal could be [politically] dangerous, he added.”

Of course pharmacare is a hot potato right now because the demographics of the voting public show that well-documented heavy boomer contingent (49% or thereabouts) rapidly aging and in need of lots and lots of expensive pills and ointments. Political maneuvering for those votes is now endangering a nascent process that could see revolutionary health care commitments for all Canadians, including us young X and Y folks for whom, BTW, pharmacare would actually be affordable… you know, once the boomers are in that happy place where drugs no longer matter. How about free vaccinations and eye exams for my kids? How about some money for preventive health care? How about that national childcare program that forever and always recedes beyond the horizon? I’m betting a less stressed parent is a healthier parent.

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