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Social democracy in Quebec

This Magazine Staff

Update — August 14
Paul Wells continues the discussion on his blog, with devastating arguments. I cannot overstate how important I think it is that everyone read inkless Wells, everyday. He is easily the best columnist writing on national affairs in this country.
After ten years in Onterrible, I have returned to Quebec, fetish of leftists nationwide. With its 5 dollar a day daycare and powerful unions, this province truly is a beacon for social democrats a mare usque ad mare.
Or is it? As Paul Wells pointed out yesterday, the Charest regime is royally screwing the neediest university students.
Ahh, but Charest is a Tory at heart, you say. Fine, but how about these musings by a former, separatist, premier?
What next? Bombardier stops freeloading off the Canadian taxpayer?

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