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Sex and the Single Voter

This Magazine Staff

If, after reading David Hayes’ fascinating tour of NASCAR country, We’re not in Dixie anymore, Bubba and are wondering just what the fuss is about the single female vote in the US, check out this excellent article at Mother Jones online, One Woman, One Vote.
The problem for the left as they see it is too much get-the-vote-out emphasis on the Carrie Bradshaws of this demographic: the single, wealthy, white and urban women — who actually already vote — and are hardly representative.
Instead democrat registration campaigns should be trying to reach un- and under- employed women and especially women of colour. These women are the truly disenfranchised and the hungriest for change.
From the article:
In all of the hype, no one thought to create something along the lines of “Remember to re-register now that you’re out (Check with your State for eligibility!)” pamphlets to circulate at our nation’s women’s prisons, or “Bring Ten Single Mothers to the Polls” T-shirts to distribute at welfare agencies. That’s unfortunate, because if we really wanted to connect with the non-voting single woman, not to mention promote representative democracy, progressives would be putting a priority on the 1.27 million single women who receive public assistance and probably do not have a college education.

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