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Nunavut needs tourists, not visitors

This Magazine Staff

Nunavut’s tourism industry is in decline, according to an article in today’s Nunatsiaq News. While most visitors to our newest territory were traditionally government workers, Nunavut had seen an increase in true tourist traffic in recent years. The decline is being attributed to some of the reasons tourism has waned in the south — SARS, 9/11 and the increasing value of the Canadian dollar.
The domino effect of course, is that the fewer tourists there are, the less infrastructure there is to bring *more* tourists.
According to the article though, those few interlopers are giving Nunavut bad reviews. They expect polar bears wandering the streets and are — GASP! — upset when people don’t return their calls. I guess maybe they’re too busy trying to make sure polar bears AREN’T wandering the streets, looking for tourists to vogue for and endangering the local population that they are slow to get back to you.
Sounds to me like Nunavut don’t need none of these types of tourists. They’re the bane of my existence here in downtown Toronto.

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