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(Edited because I can’t spell)
Some quick thoughts on Martin’s new Cabinet:
1. It’s nice to see my hero Stephane Dion back in Cabinet. Paul Martin seems to have had second thoughts about how he wants to treat the architect of the most important piece of legislation of the Chretien years. (That’s the Clarity Act, for all you separatist keeners out there.)
2. Dion’s gone to Environment, replacing eco-lefty David Anderson. Where Dion stands on green issues, I haven’t a clue. But one thing is clear: Kyoto is dead. Anderson was the programme’s biggest booster in Cabinet, and if Martin had any intention of following through on our Kyoto committments, Anderson wouldn’t have been droppped entirely from the government.
3. At least we now have a sense of how Mr. Decisive is going to govern. He’ll never actually come out and say that he’s made a decision, and I’ll bet he’ll still pretend that Koyoto is on the table. Just nothing will be done about it till it’s too late.
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