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Sorry officer, I forgot my jaunty Fedora

This Magazine Staff

Our editor Patricia D’Souza and assistant Annette Bourdeau headed off to Monday’s all-candidates debate in the riding of Toronto-Danforth (their riding, as it happens) and a really interesting race between incumbent Dennis Mills (Lib) and NDP Party Leader Jack Layton. It will be no surprise to those of you who read the Globe and Mail that the crowd numbered more than 250 inside, but there were another 150 outside, who were refused access.
Determined to get in, they approached the media entrance. We’re covering the NDP’s campaign strategy for our September issue so it was a legit attempt to jump the line. They were greeted by a surly Toronto Police Officer who demanded to see credentials. When Patricia pulled out her business card (which says, of course, EDITOR!) the officer barked that she must be a liar, because REAL journalists carry tape recorders and cameras!
I suppose a notepad won’t suffice in this age of information. Patricia should have remembered to bring her old-timey hat with the “PRESS” card in the brim.
Annette managed to take notes outside in the rain (it was like a monsoon here in Toronto last night). Look for her story in the coming months.
The Globe account of the debate is here.

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