Agustus Hill had it easy, at least he had a wheelchair inside Oz. Real disabled inmates aren't so lucky. Image courtesy Home Box Office

ThisAbility #33: Hard Time

If, as a disabled person, you think you’re still getting the shaft out in the real world, then you better thank the Lord you didn’t land in prison. Though twenty-five-to-life can be utterly soul-destroying for anyone, no one has it worse than the disabled inmates around the world.  For them, even basic human rights are… More »

Rape? Not funny.

Rape is never funny. (Perhaps unless you are Sarah Silverman. But that’s a whole other post.) Rape doesn’t become funny when the target is a man. And in particular, it’s not funny when the target is a male prisoner. Jokes about dropping the soap in the penitentiary shower room? Not funny. If someone you disapprove… More »

HIV? Thanks, officer.

Police crackdowns on drug use lead to increases in HIV transmission. This assertion is supported by “Do Not Cross,” a just-released report from the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network. To avoid HIV, hepatitis, abcesses and other health problems, ideally an injection drug user should use a new, clean needle each time. But when people are afraid… More »