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WTF Wednesday: Nursing homes are prescribing drugs and are fully aware they may kill residents

Many nursing homes’ workers are giving residents potentially lethal pharmaceuticals to help with dementia. These nurses and doctors are well aware the drugs may kill those suffering from the disease. But it’s still happening all across the province. The Star recently conducted an investigation into the usage of these pharmaceuticals in Ontario nursing homes. It… More »

FTW Friday: Equal Pay Day

Ladies. We are so close. Our southern neighbours have taken another step towards recognizing the need for equal pay for women. This past Tuesday, president Obama vocalized his support for the Paycheck Fairness Act to be passed. The act points out the loopholes in the ironically titled Equal Pay Act and, if passed, would strive… More »

WTF Wednesday: Foster care youth earn less than the “average”

If you are leaving the foster care system to face the world of employment, be prepared to earn less than your fellow “average Canadian.” A recent report from the Conference Board of Canada (CBoC) said former foster care youth will earn about $326,000 less in their lifetime compared to youth not in the system. Your… More »

Photo from the Catholic Education Resource Centre

Gender Block: Marie Collins

On March 22, Pope Francis created a commission—of four men and four women—that will directly advise him  on policies regarding sex abuse. This has been done a year after Pope Benedict requested Catholic Church authorities around the globe create national guidelines on how to protect children in the Church by the end of May 2014…. More »


WTF Wednesday: Tibet occupation continues; Canada watches

In recent weeks, much of the the world has been closely watching the developments in Crimea. With people debating Russia’s occupation and the outrage it has caused in some sectors, it seems common nowadays that such aggressive action from any country can, and will, be met with near unanimous protest and condemnation. This sort of… More »

FTW Friday: Support grows for national inquiry into murdered and missing aboriginal women

This Monday, Nova Scotia’s provincial party leaders  added their support to a national public inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada. Their support comes following the tragic death of Loretta Saunders, an Inuk woman originally from Labrador who was studying in Halifax. On February 17, Saunders was reported missing from her dorm at… More »

WTF Wednesday: Russia approves troop deployment to Crimea; Canadians protest

This week, hundreds of protesters in Toronto and Ottawa gathered to call for a peaceful solution in Ukraine, where tensions are only escalating—especially thanks to Russia’s presence in Crimea. In both cities, crowds of people wearing blue and yellow shouted, “Putin hands off Ukraine!” At night, Toronto Ukranians gathered outside the consulate, holding candles and… More »


Throwback Thursday: Out in the cold

Today at This Magazine, we’re excited to introduce our new blog feature, Throwback Thursday. With our 50th anniversary fast approaching (!!!), we’d like to look at some of our best articles that never made it to the digital stage. In all cases, these articles are still relevant today: They are the issues that stick with… More »

Gender Block: Our federal government is rewriting prostitution laws

The federal government has opened an online public consultation regarding adult prostitution laws in Canada. It will remain open for the next month, closing March 17. The six-question survey asks Canadians if it should be legal for people to purchase sex, legal for people to solicit sex and what, if any, limitations should be put… More »

WTF Wednesday: Teen who died had been recommended for permanent removal from parents

Rodica and Emil Radita were arrested in Calgary on Tuesday morning on charges of first degree murder of their 15-year-old son. Alex Radita died in May 2013 under what police say were “suspicious circumstances.” His official cause of death is listed as a bacterial infection that arose from “complications of neglect and starvation.” Alex was… More »