Gender Block: sexism is a science

So long ago it was proven that women are evil because, duh, uteruses have horns. This week, I am reading An Introduction to Women’s Studies Gender In A Transnational World by Inderpal Grewal and Caren Kaplan for Dr. Kristine Klement’s Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies class at York University. We are focusing on how… More »


Throwback Thursday: Rape’s Progress

In the last decade, the definition of sexual assault has grown to encompass more hateful or taboo acts. Most Canadians now recognize terms like incest, molestation, pedophilia, rape, and victim blaming. Many people even recognize these words can be a painful trigger to victims. Unfortunately, this does not mean we know the meaning of these… More »


Enter to win new books from forward-thinking academics!

This Magazine has partnered with Lorimer to offer lucky This Magazine readers the chance to win one of the following great Lorimer titles. Simply email contests@thismagazine.ca with the subject line “Lorimer” by January 31st and you’ll be entered into our monthly draw. Quiet No More examines the meaning and promise of Idle No More, the… More »


WTF Wednesday: Toronto police kill Sammy Yatim

Dundas Square, at 5:10 p.m., hundreds of protesters marched, outraged. Voices crying, “Shame!” Signs questioning, “Who will protect us from our protectors?” Bodies wearing office clothes, casual clothing, work out gear. Megaphones amplify chants, drums create unison, bagpipes mourn. Minds on Sammy Yatim, the 18-year-old boy fatally shot by police last Saturday.He never made it… More »

Dr. Penfield

Will the new Heritage Minute get it right?

My grandmother was the oldest of 13 brothers and sisters. One of my great-uncles was a brain surgeon—a colleague of Dr. Penfield’s, my grandmother would tell us proudly, never understanding why this fact was so entertaining to my brothers and I. But for anyone who grew up with Canadian television, the answer to this question… More »

WTF Wednesday: The New Abortion Caravan is pro-life

Over 30 years ago, the pro-choice movement in Canada was at its peak. In 1970 the Vancouver Women’s Caucus travelled across the country as part of the Abortion Caravan. Stopping in various cities and towns on their way to Parliament Hill in Ottawa, the women spent their evenings hearing the stories of other women so… More »


Flashback Tuesday: “Why Are Canadians In Vietnam?”

Canadians have always valued their national mythology. We venture abroad with maple leaves sewn into our MEC backpacks to bring our message of open-minded liberal tolerance to the global masses. At home, we indulge in the pleasures of (relatively) free healthcare, a (relatively) low crime rate and (relatively) cheap education, smugly shaking our heads at… More »

This Magazine, August 2001, Andrew Potter, "Trading Futures"

Flashback Tuesday: “Trading Futures”

In honour of our January-February edition, This Magazine waded through hundreds of archived stories on Canada’s complex and often fraught relationship with our neighbours to the south. The result: Twelve favourites that span the period from Trudeau-Nixon to Chrétien-Bush. Together, these stories offer a fascinating cross-section of the events that have helped shaped contemporary American-Canadian… More »

"Sparky" the electric chair from Sing Sing prison.

Canada marks 35 years since abolition of the death penalty

The camera rolled as a three-drug cocktail was shot into Andrew Grant DeYoung’s arm, there in a prison in Jackson, Georgia. It captured De Young as the injection reached his veins and killed him, thus carrying out his sentence, and granting him a spot in the history books as the first man in America in… More »

The sinister power and deep historical roots of the word "slut"

Weighing in with 57,184 votes, the most popular definition of the word “slut” on Urban Dictionary is “a woman with the morals of a man.” If we strip away the male punchline, hasn’t “slut” always meant that? A woman who pursues her own pleasure in spite of a pervasive double standard? The SlutWalks are challenging that… More »