The Toronto Sun published this image by cartoonist Andy Donato, making light of violence against women while hiding behind "It's political satire"

Gender Block: Women and politics

This Thursday Ontario voters are heading to the polls for the province’s 41st General Election. Of the three major parties, two are lead by women. At first glance, this looks like progress—women pushing their way into the old boys club that is politics. A closer look, however, reveals a less promising fact. “More than 87… More »

WTF Wednesday: Doug Ford promotes discrimination against autistic children

Toronto city councillor Doug Ford believes that people with autism, when integrated, can ruin a community. It’s as simple as that. He shared this opinion with the staff of an Etobicoke home for teens with autism, owned by the Griffin Centre, a non-profit mental health agency. The Etobicoke Guardian reports that Ford held a public… More »

FTW Friday: Protest still strong against the “Unfair” Elections Act

In early February, Canadians were introduced to Bill C-23. It proposed to be “fair”  but many, many critics argue it is something completely different. Much, if not all, of the act grants the conservative government more power. If passed, it would allow government officials to turn away those who do not have “adequate” identification (even… More »

WTF Wednesday: The “Fair” Election Act

The proposed Fair Election Act, first announced February 4, is set to cause controversy for quite a while yet. A petition was presented yesterday on Parliament Hill that had garnered over 50,000 signatures in opposition to the proposed act, with members from the NDP, the Liberal party of Canada, and the Green Party also there… More »


WTF Wednesday: A round up American election WTFs

American politics have always been of serious interest for Canadians. Not only does the American President affect Canadian politics and procedures, but American elections are also just a heck of a lot more interesting to watch than our own. There’s something incredibly exciting about sitting around with your friends and watching the votes come in,… More »

The Young Liberals party in Ottawa // photo by Andrew Reeves

Partyin’ with the Young Liberals

When the life of the party throws a big bash, you attend. In Ottawa, on the weekend of January 13th, the life of the party is unequivocally the Young Liberals. They have descended upon the capital in droves for the Liberal Convention. Of the 3,000 registered delegates here, more than a third are under 26…. More »


Occupy: a thorn in the side of every presidential hopeful

“Lets see, there was David, Jess, Erin, Frankie, Kevin, Kalen…” It’s just past 2 p.m. on the last day of 2011, and Jessica Mizour, 24, of Des Moines, Iowa, is jotting down the names of the protesters who were moments ago arrested at Michele Bachman’s Iowa campaign headquarters. “…Peter from St. Paul, Brian from New… More »